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as i said, i was coming back to newgrounds! i started another fun game project.

it involves this lil guy that's tryna hide behind this tree....hmm


i won't say too much because i just started working on it release is TBD

what i will say is, it's a bit darker then my usual stuff and it may have some rpg elements.

that's all for now 


sorry that i stopped uploading content, i am back to make sure i never stop again.

starting with my first new game i just uploaded "quest 4 switch" make sure you go check that out.

i got more upcoming projects on the way + is anyone else hyped for the nintendo switch ???

i know i am !!!


Give Her A Watch She's AWESOME! i love her commentary!!!



you can also play this game here on newgrounds just go to my profile !!!



p.s saving sina is still on the development train CHOO CHOO

instead of working on that side mini project i was cooking up i decided to put that on hold because there's so much i actually want to do with it. to make it a mini project would almost be a smack to the face for this new ip.

so instead i'm going to continue with saving sina and lets just get it back on the train choo choo

expect some new highlight pictures of stages of it's development shortly within a week or so. i'm developing it but sense its around the season of christmas development is going very slow because i'm enjoying this time with my family. 

so just stay posted GOD BLESS and MERRY CHRISTMAS !

saving sina will be returned into development which was reccently put on hold for the christmas game (AFTER) the holdays yes that's including the new year's.


there's another (mini) project i'v decided to start on the side and you can expect that sooner then later.

[details to be annouced]

"chow for now"




merry christmas everyone i love you guys

see the cast in action in one picture in the natrual games BATTLE SCENE !!!!\

the game is coming out pretty well. looking forward towards writing the story and dialog shortly after all mapping is done and i will say mapping is about 79% done. so expect new updates every few days from here till release !!!!


Project Christmas will be called A Christmas Story with teaser pic

2015-11-25 23:59:03 by CloudKnight

as i posted earlier saving sina is on hold untill this new christmas game is released !!

now that i finally have a name for it here's a teaser pic.

you can't have christmas without snow am i rite ?


sense saving sina is a bigger game and i would like to release a christmas type game for the upcoming holiday like i released for halloween. i decided to put saving sina on hold. have no fear as soon as this new chrisitmas game is released i will begin working on saving sina again. get ready because project christmas is in action
*note that is not the name of the game that is just it's code name*


while in development.

Stay Tuned


finally came up with the game title and the plot i have started the mapping and the game will take place on this world map event!!! it's not going to be a very long game. like most rpg adventures but it also won't be a short one. so enjoy this sneak peek i got to get back mapping!!!